The Revolution of Hemp

Hemp remains one of the most versatile, natural & renewable resources on Earth. No other plant gives us so much.


For thousands of years this vital crop was never questioned of it’s viability and necessity as a resource and commodity throughout ancient and recent societies.


Since becoming a social/political game piece in America in the last century Hemp is now coming full circle.


Through the efforts of activists, lobbyists and Jack Herer, who almost single handedly with heroism and undaunting humanitarian spirit, slowly reawakened, educated and shared a rebirth in social consciousness of this amazing plant.


All Hemp businesses in America owe a debt of gratitude to Jack Herer.


The important usefulness of this amazing crop for tools, food, fuel, clothing, shelter and a seemingly endless variation of products has taken hold of the ever growing “Green Consciousness” throughout society.


Hemp fabrics are taking the fashion world to new levels for designer furniture and textiles. Manufacturers are producing ever finer cloths and fabrics for artisans and clothing companies to work with.


Entrepreneurs are creating quality hemp products for food preparation and consumption and this continues all the way to the people making hemp bricks to build someones home and even the rope EVERY Navy in the world must have to operate on the oceans. (……we’re serious, Google it.)


It’s obvious……Hemp is here to stay and claim it’s right as “…A Plant of Renown.”


Now, all things being considered, business happens…….


Why Hempinsteins?


Because two friends had an idea.


Why not start and grow the most recognizable hemp brand in America? In the world for that matter?


Hempinsteins is an American Brand. Made in the USA.


Real awareness and education to all comes through identity.


The focus of hard work applied in design, executed through style and fashion with detailed attention to outstanding product quality will make Hempinsteins the most identifiable hemp brand in the world.


We’re dedicated to bring awareness and education to everyone about the usefulness and economic value of this indispensable resource which is vital to all humans and nations, not to mention we want to sell cool products.


We’re starting with our Hempinsteins T-shirt line – A Hip Mix of Vintage & Contemporary Designs.


We’ve been busy at the drawing board and have many designs to post to this site very soon.

Thank You,

Ed & Woody